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Friday, 17 July 2015

Tim Farron: A deep breath....

"...When it comes to opposition to gay rights, conservative Christians have been on the front lines, opposing measures that would give people in same-sex relationships the right to visit their partners in the hospital, file taxes jointly, adopt children, share insurance, and rent apartments without fear of unjust eviction. Routinely fundamentalist Christians compare people in same-sex relationships to paedophiles and demand an explanation for how their most important relationships are any different than people having sex with dogs. Anti-gay bullying, discrimination, and hate-speech often go unchallenged by Christians, and are far too often perpetuated by them...."

(This extract is taken from 'Changing Worship', an American Christian blog)

If Tim Farron had expressed any of the above attitudes or behaviours, I would be the first to condemn him.

However, I don't see a SCINTILLA of this, in either what he has said, or even in his voting record in Parliament.

Lets just see how the party and Tim's leadership develop rather than rushing to judgement which, I rather thought, was what being a liberal is all about!