Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tim Farron's Gladstone Club Talk....


"...But briefly, it should be obvious that we have to approach politics in a very different way in this Parliament from what we've been used to. We need to become a movement, not another managerial Westminster party.

We've fallen into a style of fighting elections which relied on identifying ourselves as the main challenger to whoever held the seat, and then mobilising local grievances to convince the voters that we were on their side, whatever they thought and whether or not they were remotely Liberal in their beliefs. What we actually stood for and believed was almost irrelevant, except during atypical periods such as the war in Iraq - with the result that while the electorate began to recognise a few things we were against - the Iraq war, tuition fees, cuts in local services - they didn't know what we were for..."

Read the whole speech here

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